Civil Engineering : If you have your interest to design and develop roads, bridges, dams and similar structures then you have to study Civil Engineering in Pakistan. We are discussing the civil engineering scope in Pakistan, jobs, salary for fresh graduates, subjects and of course the list of civil engineering universities in Pakistan. In Pakistan, engineering is considered to be the most active and popular field. And when we talk about civil engineering in Pakistan then we have a broad way of choosing the career line up. It is the popular and oldest field of engineering which includes waterworks, dams, power plants, rail road’s, tunnels, bridges, shipping canals, terminals, plant buildings, skyscrapers etc. The civil engineers in Pakistan are earning a handsome salary of civil engineering in Pakistan after completion of their undergraduate as well as a masters degree. If you also want to be in demand as a civil engineer then keep on reading this post and purify your vision before start your journey.

BSc Civil Engineering In Pakistan | Civil Engineering Jobs,Salary
BSc Civil Engineering In Pakistan | Civil Engineering Jobs,Salary

Civil Engineering In Pakistan

Civil Engineering Scope In Pakistan:

The scope of civil engineering in Pakistan can be measured by the number of jobs after completion of the program. The range is also calculated once the monthly amount of earnings becomes cooler and we also measure the future market for the field. Pakistan is a developing country, where the urgent need is to build dams and roads to meet the country’s current needs. Similarly, many building maintenance companies are also looking for trained and well-trained engineers who are interested in their field. They provide a good attitude and the gains also have a stronger impact on the individual’s position. With more reading salaries and civil engineering jobs in Pakistan, we will explore in more detail the scope of civil engineering in Pakistan.

Civil Engineering Jobs in Pakistan:

After studying civil engineering or master’s courses in civil engineering in Pakistan, a candidate is employed as a new trainee for the probationary period. The latter contains information on the structure of the business strategy of the company in which it operates. In Pakistan, the following civil engineering jobs await you if you have completed this program.

  • Internee Civil Engineer
  • Internee Site Engineer
  • Professional Project Manager
  • Senior Engineer
  • Senior Supervisory Engineer
  • Professional city Engineer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Deputy Engineer
  • Area Engineer
  • Construction Manager

Civil Engineering Salary In Pakistan:

The initial salary of a civil engineer in Pakistan has not yet been determined, because it also depends on the skills, qualification of the trainee and the value of the company in which he holds the position. But according to estimates we have seen on civil engineering salary in Pakistan, it starts at Rs. 35,000 / – more per month. Although a good civil engineer training and professional earns more than one month when living in his own country.

Civil Engineering Subjects in Pakistan:

For those students who want to get admission into the B.Sc, M.Sc civil engineering in Pakistan they should know about the major subjects in this course. Civil engineering is being offered after matric where the DAE civil engineering is a three years intermediate level degree, while in undergraduate you have to study four years honors including eight semesters and in masters level program it is a two years program. Different universities offer the different scheme of study for this program but the major subjects are written down.

  • Construction Materials
  • Civil Engineering Drawing
  • Elementary Surveying
  • Engineering Mechanics
  • Engineering Geology
  • Civil Engineering Construction & Graphics
  • Project & Contract Management
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Islamic & Pak Studies/Ethics
  • Construction Management
  • Structural Analysis
  • Engineering Hydrology
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Irrigation Engineering
  • Pavement & Foundation Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  • Hydraulic Engineering

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Civil Engineering In Pakistan Requirements:

  • Intermediate or DAE civil engineering with 50% marks is a requirement for BSc Civil Engineering
  • BSc Civil engineering with 2.5 CGPA or second division is eligible for MSc Civil engineering
  • Combined entry test i.e. ECAT or another test according to the rules of your admission is also necessary to attempt

These details are complete about civil engineering in Pakistan, jobs, salaries, subjects, and universities that offer civil engineering. I hope you’ve got everything you’re looking for, but if you have questions, you can post your comment in the next section. We are trying to transfer the scope of civil engineering in Pakistan in all its aspects and details to junior students. If you have comments or suggestions for other students, you can submit your feedback in the comments below.

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