Have you got admission to the Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU Tutor Search? If that’s it! So I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the search for guardian AIOU 2018. Now students can search for their own topics for each topic by number and name. Since AIOU is an open or distance education system in Pakistan, students must study on their own. In this way, the student will hire an academic or parent to establish a program. In parallel with this setup at home or in the academy, AIOU also provides the IAUU research board for each topic. In order for the student to receive advice according to the rules and regulations of the university or if the student has some kind of confusion about a problem or subject, he may also be concerned by phone or e-mail to his student. Guardian. Submitted by AIOU.AIOU Tutor

It is an extremely effective and practical installation of this open university as the largest and most authentic source of distance learning in Pakistan. Personally, I suggest you, if you think you do not need to consult your teacher looking for AIOU 2018 guardian, although you must have a relationship with the parent, as this will be sufficient for any update or revision. Results

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Tutor Confirmation for Semester Spring 2019

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When Assign  AIOU Tutor To a Student?

When a student from any part of Pakistan, male or female, submits his or her AIOU acceptance form with the correct entry fee to AIOU Islamabad at the date and time of completion as stated in the declaration of income. The AIOU authority verifies this form and sends a confirmation or invitation letter to the student for admission. A few days later, AIOU issues a registration card or a receipt to the student’s address. Therefore, when you receive your role number, you must redial to receive confirmation of your receipt. After booking confirmation, you are registered with the AIOU and the administrators will assign the teachers against your list number and your class group. You can search AIOU guardians by serial number and name.

Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU Tutor Search 2019:

  • Then, after getting the registration number provided by AIOU, you should make a simple and easy step-by-step process to find your guardian.
  • Go to the AIOU Administrators website on your web browser or click on the bar below.
  • Once you’ve opened your teacher’s confirmation page online, you’ll see two options: Choose your region.
  • Select your area by clicking the drop-down arrow and selecting a city or region
  • Next, select the program in the bar below.

So, this is the AIOU 2018 teacher search through names, not by name. In fact, you can find your guardian AIOU through the role number. Then you need to find a teacher by topic and contact you as you wish. Remember that the guardian can be busy with another student. Therefore, to avoid conflict, send email is the best source. Keep checking your email identity frequently so that the teacher can reply to your email at any time. If you have any questions or queries regarding your search for AIOU 2018 tutorials per roll, your name can be sent in the comments box below.